静岡けいりん 電話投票番号38#

2018 / 12 / 17 mon

KEIRINグランプリ2018 12月30日(日)の特別観覧席は事前予約制です。当日発売はございません。富士山ロイヤルラウンジでkattekoCARD(キャッシュレス投票)がご利用できます!突撃 競輪虎の穴 競輪選手への道 第2回記録会編絶賛公開中!

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Shizuoka Velodrome Address: 2-9-1, Oshika, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka city, Shizuoka 422-0821
Free Parking
●South 1st parking
 Capacity: 250 cars
●South 2st parking
 Capacity: 440 cars
●South 4st parking
 Capacity: 504 cars
●South 5st parking
 Capacity: 422 cars
●South 7st parking
 Capacity: 237 cars
●South 8st parking
 Capacity: 44 cars
Free Bike Parking
(for bicycles and motorbikes)
●Bicycle parking at the velodrome
 Capacity: 250 bikes
●South 5th bike parking
 Capacity: 440 bikes

Access by train

Access by car

*Required times and distances specified above are only guides.